System Networking and Design

    Dedicated Connections - High Speed DSL Internet service, Home or Office networking.
    Dial-Up Connections - Modem Installation, AOL or Other Internet Software Installation.
    Virtual Private Network  - Connecting to a Virtual Private Network
    Website Setup - Establishing a website on the internet.
    Website Design - Design a custom website for you.
    Website Hosting - Hosting your current or new website
    Website Administration - updating, adding content, protecting.
INTERNET E-COMMERCE: (on-line stores)
    Setup - Registration, Hardware and Software.
    Software - Microsoft Commerce Server.
    Hardware - Servers, Firewall.
    Security - Secure Certificates
    Installation -
Hardware and Software.
    Internet Servers for - Web Site, Email, Database, E-Commerce, Gamming 
    Connection  - Cables, Hubs, Modems, Routers, Firewalls
    Installation - Cabling, Networking, Servers
    Connectivity - Dial Up, Point-to-Point, Virtual Private Network.
    Web Server - Microsoft: 2000 Server/Advanced Server, Internet Security and Acceleration.
    Application Server - Microsoft Exchange, Small Business, Commerce Server.
    Installation - Connectivity, Web Servers, Application Server software..

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