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  GS Communications provides a professional Web Site design service to display your business,
  products or services to the world population using the internet.

  Web presence is very important to any company since almost 35% of the world looks to the
  internet to find and purchase products.  The World Wide Web is rapidly becoming the world's
  Yellow Pages of Today, and without your companies presence, You'll be unseen and unknown!

. Since each Web site is usually unique with different displays and features the only way to
  estimate the total cost is to meet with our Web site consultants for a Free estimate.

  The following is a typical Web site cost estimate:

WEB PRESENCE samples  1-3 Pages, $200-$500
HOME BUSINESS samples 5-10 Pages, $1000 - $2000
CORPORATE BUSINESS samples  sample2 10-20 Pages, $2,000 - $4,000
E-BUSINESS sampl Catalog and On-Line Sales $5,000+
Live Sites:  sample1    sample2

  Some site will require more or less of the above typical estimate, be sure to make an appointment
  with our Web Consultants for a FREE estimate by calling (718) 389-7371 or Click Contact US
  to contact us by email.

  Not responsible for any typographical errors. All prices, specifications and availability subject
to change without notice. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies.